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BYD force driving force of new industries when the engine battery Yong

BYD force driving force of new industries when the engine battery Yong

"The battery is the core of BYD, Wang is also a killer." This is a myth that people of BYD general.

BYD's "iron battery" technology, while still covered with a veil of mystery, but it attracted a lot of "Golden Phoenix." May 27, 2010, Mercedes-Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche and Wang signed a formal joint venture contract. Imagine, BYD, after climbing on Mercedes-Benz in the automotive sector occupies a pivotal position.

Battery technology is the future of new energy technologies is a key point, the current major car firms have an alliance with the battery manufacturer at any time watching the progress of this technology and hope in the future of new energy war to occupy a favorable position. BYD has Academia Sinica, Institute of Communications and Electronics Research Institute of Automotive Engineering R & D institutions, specializing in production equipment and production technology research and development, particularly in the battery manufacturing among the world's leading position, its strong R & D is Shakespeare Di rapid development of the fundamental. Mercedes-Benz just spotted BYD's battery technologies and China's auto market, both sides have needs so easy on the mode of cooperation to reach a consensus, a business in order to compete in the market conduct of this, they should have their own core competencies, BYD years R & D investment in technology is worth learning from other enterprises and learn from.

In the Mainland, has 16 A-share companies to move closer to BYD.

According to the "Securities Daily" Market Research Center, the latest statistics, the concept of a lithium battery a total of 36 listed companies, however, involved in the production of lithium uneven. Desai mercury-free alkaline manganese battery main battery, a lithium battery, zinc-air batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium polymer batteries, fuel cells and other types of batteries, battery materials. Power companies in the mobile market segments has a leading position, in which small mobile power protection circuit board ranks first in domestic counterparts. Sailing shares is typical of the main battery company, is the battery industry leader in product development and process improvement work conducted in an orderly, a total of 41 companies identified by the relevant scientific research. In addition, its subsidiary Aucma Aucma new energy technology companies for the lithium battery industry standard-setter; Shanshangufen, production of lithium battery materials for the domestic number one supplier; TCL Group, a subsidiary of the production of lithium batteries; Victoria Section essence, the establishment of industrial parks produce electric power; the torch high, a subsidiary of the Forever produced battery, Chunlan Group R & D 20-100AH series of large-capacity high power nickel-hydrogen battery type; Rare Earth Hi-Tech, first issued in 1997 using shares to raise capital development projects Ni-MH battery.

Industry's rapid development, so the concept of a battery-related performance of listed companies has been rapidly improved, and the trend in the secondary market is also worth noting.

As of July 2, the cumulative decline since the index this year, 27.29%, Shenzhen Component Index fell more than 32.64 percent. The same period, the cumulative adverse Desai battery rose 79.51%, A shares can be described in all stand out. After a quarter of total revenue, net profit increased by 77.78%, 218.27%, the expected net profit for January-June 1630-2460 are expected million, well losses. Company said mobile power business is good. Desai battery with similar Fosugufen, mining in Tibet two companies will also be successful turnaround company in the first half, and two in the first half of the company's share price rose more than 10% against the market trend.

In addition, Lu Xiang shares, Juhua the two companies, following a doubling of quarterly results, the expected second-quarter results can still double, which Lu Xiang shares advance by 600% ~ 550%, 200% increase over the pre-Juhua; two shares adverse economic gains this year were 9.12%, 8.51%.

The good news is, due to a wide range of lithium battery can replace the traditional oil and lead acid batteries used in transportation, information, energy, military and other fields, especially in the field of electric vehicle applications, can greatly reduce the emission of pollutants, China has invested heavily in the development of local enterprises in this emerging industry.

June 26, Anhui, Tongji Tech lithium battery cathode materials industry, investment and cooperation project signing ceremony was held in Yaohai, this marks another non-polluting, energy efficient new official high-tech industries located in Hefei Yaohai, promoting the development of new energy vehicles has very important significance. Anhui Hi-Tech Tongji lithium battery cathode materials by industrial projects in Anhui, Tongji Tech Energy (the parent company of Tongji Science and Technology) investment and construction, the project is located in Yaohai Industrial Park, covers about 350 acres, with a total investment of 10 billion, anode material for lithium "lithium titanate" production and post-related technologies, the introduction of the industry. The project is put into production, annual production of 30,000 vehicles use batteries composed, each electric vehicle batteries can save two tons of fuel, 3 million units of electric vehicles can save 60 million tons of fuel.

Back in April, Jilin Liaoyuan after years of training and the introduction, there are a number of enterprises engaged in lithium-ion battery related products, including the formation of a lithium-ion battery, battery materials, ultra-high performance separator paper, motor and other mutual convergence of the chain. Liaoyuan lithium is the leading source of new energy businesses, the company currently has 50 million when the international safety standard lithium-ion battery production capacity, mainly for the FAW Group, China and Pakistan bus facilities. The company plans to invest 560 million yuan, annual output of 240 million production line at security. In addition, Liaoyuan 2000 tons of battery materials program, 200,000 primary properties of lithium-ion battery and a number of projects are also stepping up construction. After completion of these projects will further enhance the Liaoyuan lithium-ion battery industry gathering capabilities.

In fact, the new energy battery production in the country has become a "battleground" troubled U.S. auto industry struggling to recover from a crisis of survival, while in pursuit of a breakthrough new energy vehicles. Currently, the U.S. automobile manufacturers and some research institutions are all taking action to fight for new energy vehicles and battery research and development and production of a breakthrough. U.S. technological superiority in this respect with government funding support for research and development provides a good foundation. Motor City Detroit, Michigan where, is through tax incentives and other means to attract the battery manufacturers to come to settle down. The three major U.S. automobile manufacturers' new energy automotive products are also now being developed, which has become the new U.S. auto industry consensus.

Apple iPhone 4 launch plug-in battery Power Spring

Apple iPhone 4 launch plug-in battery Power Spring

If you really like Apple iPhone 4, and has very rich, then perhaps the iPhone4 not want to have exactly the same with the general public. Obviously, this limited time iPhone4 expensive deluxe version will be your choice without hesitation. Recently, custom luxury goods business is the world's Stuart Hughes officially crazy hot iPhone4 launch a special version of white diamonds, and high enough prices to attract a lot of eye attention.

We know that the pearl jewels deluxe limited edition mobile phone while there were people whom tip the scales of the price, but on a global scale has a very good sales performance, to those who are wealthy tend to reflect their status and identity, and as a , Special Deluxe Edition threw a customized gold. As a result, many third-party vendors will be through the "gold-inlay drill" approach to some of the deluxe version of the popular cell phones to buy a good price. As the current hottest smart phones, Apple iPhone4 not crazy hot in the world, and has become rich and popular objects. The luxury custom business Stuart Hughes released a white diamond mobile phone version of iPhone 4 to 32GB white iPhone is the prototype version, mounted in the side of the fuselage of the total weight about 6.5 carats, Clarity VVS, Color F, the top level of the diamond, but the phone the back part of Apple LOGO inlaid platinum, can be described as sparkling. However, no lock to start Zhekuan universal white diamond version iPhone4 the cost really is not small, the aircraft offer up to £ 12,995, equivalent to 130,000 yuan or so, deserved to become the most expensive iPhone 4 mobile phone. In addition, Stuart Hughes also for this version of iPhone 4 white diamonds launched a luxury wallet made of ostrich leather foot, the world's only 50 limited edition, highly collectible.

Of course, if you think the diamond version is too vulgar, or ready enough to choose a couple of expensive phones, the Russian luxury mobile phone manufacturer Greeso couple to iPhone4 luxury version is undoubtedly worth a visit. It is reported that the couple iPhone4 luxury version is divided into men's and women's two, the selected materials will be slightly different. Among them, the men's iPhone 4 in the back of the fuselage from the 200 years of African black wood, while the female models are on this basis, a Swarovski crystal mosaic and 18K gold used to decorate the Apple LOGO, let the phone looks and some low-key luxury feel. Of course, superior materials, do not let the men's and women's models are also differences in price. African black male models such as the board of iPhone4 offer $ 3,000, or about RMB 2 million. The use of female models as 18K gold and Swarovski Crystal's sake, the price to your $ 500 offer for $ 3,500, about 24,000 yuan or so.

In addition, Apple iPhone4 a large area of signal problems for third-party peripheral manufacturers saw an opportunity. Recently, Apple authorized certification provider for the iPhone 4 MiLi will launch external battery Power Spring 4 will provide a more robust endurance in the same time, weakening the signal the way to solve the problem of the machine. As the first plug the iPhone 4 battery, Power Spring 4i with a unique flip turnkey plug-in battery design, so the advantage of holding the lower left hand side can avoid the gap at the metal frame, cover the outside frame of the Apple home antenna, the effective maintenance of signal stability.

As also used ultra-thin design, so after using the Power Spring4, the plug-in battery with iPhone4 perfect fit together, it seems more like the iPhone 4 case. In addition, the plug-in battery is also made of ABS material and piano paint process, with anti-stamping performance, wear, temperature and other excellent properties, especially the piano baking the use of the Power Spring4 the surface hardness of 6H, reached the same hardness of steel, can play a good role in protecting the iPhone4. However, it is unclear that the plug-in battery specific sales price.

Ministry of Industry and organizations to develop battery development ideas

Ministry of Industry and organizations to develop battery development ideas

Expected from the financial subsidies, tax incentives, etc. to support the listed companies will benefit from lithium battery

Reporter 22, learned from the Ministry, to promote China's development of new energy automotive industry, the Ministry of the organizations to develop battery development ideas, and is expected from the industrial policy, financial subsidies, tax incentives, etc. to be great support. Insiders said the lithium battery industry chain of listed companies will benefit.

Reporters from the relevant departments of the Ministry of Industry has learned, according to the State Department of Energy recently held a special meeting with the spirit of new energy vehicles, leading the development of new energy vehicle development planning and policies to support the tasks are clear to the Ministry of Industry.

Battery power for the good management of the industry, the Ministry recently called upstream and downstream enterprises, research institutions, held in Tianjin, "battery industry forum." Deputies, should be the development of the battery overall planning, a clear development path and strengthen technology research and industry management, prevention of blind investment and duplicated construction.

Participants agreed to reflect, battery industry can not develop without national attention from the urgent need for government industrial policy, financial subsidies, tax incentives, etc. to be great support.

Therefore, the next step, the Ministry will combine the two sessions this year on behalf of members of the proposed battery-powered vehicles and the handling of proposals, as soon as the relevant experts to develop a battery organizational development ideas, and effectively promote our development of new energy automotive industry.

Insiders pointed out that the new energy power batteries into nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries. The former is mainly used in hybrid cars, hybrid cars and lower subsidies, only as a transitional form of existence in the long run, the level of benefit will be greatly reduced.

Xiangcai new energy industry researcher Houwen Tao told reporters, "because for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles using lithium batteries more than the nickel-metal hydride battery development prospects."

Houwen Tao said that with the breakthroughs in battery technology and government support to gradually put in place, the lithium battery industry chain will be long-term benefit. Lithium battery industry chain mainly consists of three parts, the upper reaches of lithium ore resources, the manufacture of lithium batteries and battery raw materials and packaging. In addition, the production of electronic control systems with new energy companies and automobile production capacity of the car companies will benefit.

With the upper reaches of lithium ore resources of the mining companies, including Tibet, CITIC Wo Road Cheung shares; midstream company has technical advantages include the production of lithium cathode materials when the rise of technology, production of battery separator Fosugufen.

But the Beijing Power Supply Association Working Committee power lithium battery system also raised money to good country, the industry is still in the stage of rapid development, today's technology to the next year may well be eliminated, who are most likely to become the industry leader not to say.

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Mountain wood cells can become the next BYD

Mountain wood cells can become the next BYD

Recently, as the first realization of lithium iron phosphate battery industry manufacturers, Shenzhen Shan Mu Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as mountain wood cells) by the parties concerned. It is reported that the mountain of wood cells as early as 2006 began the development of lithium iron phosphate battery, the success of mass production in 2007. Since 2007, the company has annual sales of lithium iron phosphate batteries has increased steadily from the initial 20 million yuan rose to 100 million yuan in 2009, two years of turnover more than fivefold.

Investment Advisor in the new energy industry researcher Lisheng Mao pointed out that the lithium iron phosphate, compared with other types of lithium, a higher energy density, and its production cost is relatively low, so the industry did not find an alternative for lithium battery cathode Before materials, lithium iron phosphate is likely to become the future for a long period of time, become the preferred car battery battery pack varieties. Lithium iron phosphate industry has broad market prospects.

Li Sheng-mao that the mountain of wood production of lithium iron phosphate battery industry has very important significance. This shows the company's production of lithium iron phosphate product price has reached the level of market acceptance of products in advanced technology and cost control has made finely balanced. In addition, as a professional production of automotive battery manufacturers, mountain wood production of lithium iron phosphate battery industry will help some domestic vehicle manufacturers at relatively low purchase price to the key components of electric vehicles.

Mountain wood cells can be its own master advanced technology industry, reflecting the company's innovative ability, which is its call for "catch-up BYD" slogan of lung power. Mountain wood science and technology is a little-known small and medium enterprises to access capital and technology intensive lithium battery industry, must be another way. On the one hand, a gradual accumulation of mountain wood battery technology approach, step by step to break through the iron cell mass production technology. Hill Wood is a battery button cell production by the company started, and later involved the use of IT products and electric bicycles with a small-capacity lithium battery research and development, with a certain technology in the precipitation, the company a logical transition to the development of lithium iron phosphate and production.

In addition, Hill Wood lithium iron phosphate batteries for mass production, as much as possible by hand in the production of the manufacturing process, saving a lot of automation equipment procurement costs. Although the mountain of wood cells in the field of domestic production of lithium iron phosphate has a minor celebrity, but financial pressure to expand its scale is still larger. Range of lithium battery production process, so automated production equipment needed will be very much, according to conventional ideas to decorate the production line, companies will obviously overwhelmed. The use of a combination of manual and machine ways to invest in fixed cost savings in the case, try to ensure that product quality is not reduced. In fact, early in the development of BYD also adopted this mode of production, and ultimately its growth as a world giant battery.

Li Sheng-mao stressed mountain made of wood catch BYD battery slogan, is reflected in its more BYD growth path recognition and confidence in their own advantage. On the one hand, BYD is relying on technical staff to master a technology cut into the battery industry, companies must wait until after the accumulation of capital and technology, to move quickly to the production of lithium iron phosphate, as BYD is successful, copy it a model is also not a bad idea. In addition, with the then unknown in the battery industry, BYD hard work is different nowadays with the new energy automotive industry from all sides touted as key components of the electric car battery industry, a very high degree of social concern, the mountain of wood cell growth environment is relatively good. Based on these, the future of mountain wood battery was well worth the wait.

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Photovoltaic industry, the economy continued to run high

Photovoltaic industry, the economy continued to run high

Since last year's third quarter, PV demand began to rise, major corporate capacity utilization in the fourth quarter is a shortage situation, the gross margin to a record high close to the PV business. In the first half continued strong market demand, PV production line overload, gross margins remain high. As Italy, the Czech Republic and other countries will be cut early next year, FIT, plus Japan, the U.S. market will start the second half of photovoltaic demand despite the drop, but still maintain high growth throughout the year, the year is expected installed capacity of photovoltaic more than 12GW, more than 70% year on year growth.

The published 2010, a quarterly of the photovoltaic business point of view, its shipments increased 2-3 times compared to last year, characterized by significant anti-season, gross margins remaining at the top of the fourth quarter of 2009, reflects the current market supply situation. From the company's annual shipments targets, Tianwei Yingli for the 950-1000MW, Changzhou Trina, Suntech 1250-1300MW, Solarfun Power 650MW. For the full year, the second half of the urgency of PV module demand will slow, but the amount of drop will be installed in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Japan, the U.S. and emerging market countries to make up.

Obscure short-term oversupply situation polysilicon

From a global point of view, the situation of short-term oversupply of polysilicon is difficult to reverse. According to Solarbuzz statistics, as of the end of 2009, the world's seven major polysilicon manufacturers production capacity has reached 114,500 tons, while domestic production capacity has reached 440 million tons in the construction of six million tons, a total of 104,000 tons. According to Isuppli estimated annual 13.6GW of installed capacity, inventory and installed battery to consider the impact of the annual demand for photovoltaic cells in the 16GW or so, assuming that 80% of crystalline silicon cells, according to 7.5g / w basis, totaling polysilicon 96,000 tons, still the world's total production capacity surplus. Taking into account the company's capacity utilization and battery manufacturing process of silicon material loss, according to 8g / w basis, this year's supply still exceeds demand.

Even if we do not consider the expansion of production capacity abroad, consider only the domestic production of the next two years even if the battery is 40% annual growth, is still the world's excess production capacity. If more consideration to the capacity expansion abroad, the situation is more optimism. Unless the two countries launched a large-scale PV market, otherwise, short-term oversupply of polysilicon is difficult to alleviate.

From the domestic point of view, tends to balance supply and demand of polysilicon this year, next year may be an oversupply situation. In 2010, mainland China's polysilicon production is expected to reach 45,000 tons, solar cell production is expected to 5120MW, to be 40,960 tons of polysilicon, the semiconductor need about 4,000 tons of polysilicon, silicon semiconductors and solar cells require a total of 44,960 tons of polysilicon supply and demand balance. In 2011, domestic battery production increased by 40% to 7168MW, at 7.5g / w basis, to be 53,760 tons of polysilicon, assumed to be polycrystalline semiconductors up 25% to reach 5,000 tons, the total domestic demand for polysilicon to 58,760 tons, while domestic production is expected to will reach 800 million tons, over-supply.

The return value of the component prices down polysilicon

Given the expansion of production capacity of polysilicon, the industry pressure short-term oversupply, the price of polysilicon in 2008, crazy hard now, polysilicon prices will gradually return value. Current domestic tax price of 41-42 yuan / ton, is expected to slow as demand for photovoltaic cells, the urgency of the demand for silicon material decline in the second half of the silicon material price pressure. However, we believe that most of the domestic cost of silicon material than $ 45, even more than $ 50, so silicon material is most likely around $ 50. In the long run, with the polysilicon production technology breakthrough, the domestic silicon material costs will decline; the same time, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency of silicon materials cutting technology, the battery unit will reduce the amount of silicon. Therefore, no matter the cost point of view or from the perspective of supply and demand, downward pressure on prices of polysilicon are larger, long-term value will be returned.

Since 2008, polysilicon prices plummeted, the cost of crystalline silicon cell components all the way down, from the time of the 4 $ / w fell more than 40%, a quarter of the component prices at 2.1-2.3 $ / w, between now part of the component prices has dropped to 1.7 $ / w, while the silicon material cost component in the cost of more than 60% the proportion fell from 35%. Given the current price of polysilicon in 2008 compared to the high point has fallen more than 85%, now $ 52 / kg (excluding tax) about the 2010, the price of polysilicon is relatively limited downside, so the component prices more affected by supply and demand to short-term impact.

PV demand throughout the year showed the former tight loose is industry consensus, in the first half to grab equipment market in Germany after the second half of the demand is still some uncertainty, the urgency to reduce demand for components, component production capacity in the global quick release case, the component prices are likely to have a certain decline.

From the next 2-3 years, the battery module prices also showed a downward trend, mainly because: from a cost point of view, polysilicon prices, conversion efficiency and production equipment in China will lead to cost reduction of crystalline silicon cells; from supply to see, polysilicon industry chain of links only polysilicon capacity expansion takes a long time, but because of pre-new production scale is too large, the polysilicon apparent over-supply of silicon - the component of capacity expansion cycle is short, the production release soon, the excess supply situation can only be short-lived, difficult to maintain high prices; changes in subsidies from the national point of view, efforts to reduce subsidies is inevitable, the system installer to reduce in the case of access to subsidies, in order to maintain a reasonable return on investment, a necessary requirement for the component prices to fall, demand-side subsidies that pass down the additional cost would also make the component prices decline.

The debt crisis for the euro area economy to add variables PV

Greek debt crisis opened a prelude to the euro zone debt crisis, relief measures in the national political game in the slow introduction of the euro continue to new lows, showing that the global debt crisis of the euro area of ​​serious concern.

The debt crisis will affect three areas of photovoltaic industry. The first countries to reduce the budget deficit, or to aid countries in crisis, will cut spending, improve the balance sheet, and the development of current PV industry mainly depends on various government subsidies, once the spending cuts, subsidies may to further reduce or even abolish; Second, if the debt crisis deepened causing a liquidity shortage, the PV system installation business will be difficult to obtain financing from banks to support, installed capacity will be significantly reduced; Third, the euro continued to fall will cause the component to actually lower prices, PV companies face declining gross margins, profitability declined threat.

Fortunately, the limitations of the current debt crisis in Greece, Portugal and Spain, three countries are not the main force in this year's installed capacity, Germany, Italy and other countries with good credit, although inevitably this will solve the debt crisis, to pay a certain price, However, the current domestic situation is good. Meanwhile, the United States, Japan and other major photovoltaic market is more optimistic about the current economic recovery, as long as the debt crisis is not further extended to EU countries, solar market variables will be smaller.

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Xu: Development of electric vehicles is not the greatest difficulty level of subsidies

Xu: Development of electric vehicles is not the greatest difficulty level of subsidies

Xu: Thank Sohu green channels, auto channel to give me such a good opportunity, said BYD Auto, we have been doing in the new long-term energy field. Give us a brief history of BYD, BYD we all know that the battery started to do business, established in 1995, the beginning of the boss is an expert, so starting from 1995 onwards BYD Battery R & D and production.

Just started nickel batteries, 60% of global market share, including nickel-metal hydride batteries and other nickel battery, 90 cell phone cellular phones began to be very popular when we started the development and production of mobile phone battery, from that time lithium batteries in China has a very broad prospects for development. Time may be expensive lithium batteries cell phone is expensive, then the basic lithium battery technology lies in the hands of Japanese companies, in the field of lithium batteries at that time China has a very bright future, but we also see as a battery in China's a very strong competitive edge. At that time we started doing a cell phone lithium battery, up to now, we probably have 30% of the global cell phone lithium battery, three, four cell phones have a battery is manufactured by BYD.

We not only do cell phone lithium batteries, also made the core of the mobile phone, including Nokia companies to do contract. In the late 1990s we began a new type of environmentally friendly high-power battery research and development, was not yet into the automotive industry, began in the late 1990s, research and development of new battery, new battery requires many conditions, such as its security, environmental protection, etc. . At that time we made this investment and R & D, 2003, after we entered the automobile industry, established the electric vehicle as the ultimate goal of developing a new energy vehicle development, have been identified at that time the electric car. So far the company invested more than 20 billion into research and development of electric vehicles, electric vehicle battery research and development we are considering to do a lot of effort and choice. Originally prepared to try the fuel cell, or nickel batteries, or lithium batteries, but later found one of nickel and lithium batteries environmentally-friendly is not good, the other traditional lithium at high temperatures when the crash when there is a possible explosion. Such products to the market may affect its safety, so then we had a new battery research and development, we do a lot of testing under any circumstances, even if high-temperature, after the fire, squeeze the case, the battery will not explosion, and will not cause pollution to the environment, which can decompose in nature. New energy vehicles, electric vehicle research and development, we are doing in the core cell area is very large investment and research and development.

In electric vehicle development process, we actually experienced some difficulties, or the choice of some hesitation, we started to push electric vehicles may be very dependent on the expertise of the charging stations, electric car if the battery is not likely to climb down, so the people are not very good in terms of convenience. Therefore, we introduced a compromise, we have introduced dual-mode electric vehicle, different from traditional hybrid vehicles, hybrid vehicles on the one hand the traditional does not have an external charging capabilities, we added a hybrid based on the charging mode, the normal commute can be pure electric mode driving, if the long-distance travel is not to enter a hybrid electric form, the implementation of a variety of ways to add energy.

Our dual-mode electric vehicles are pre-made domestic promotion, we first chose the Shenzhen Municipal Government, government procurement, dual-mode electric vehicle as an official car, in March this year was truly personal sales, from the end of March can walk into normal ordinary people home, it is also very important toward the commercialization of the pace. We are in the process has a lot of environmental factors influence the development of electric vehicles, so I chose the dual-mode electric vehicle as part of our transition to the ultimate goal of a pure electric vehicle programs. Of course, pure electric vehicles is in sync to do forward, now we are in terms of DM dual-mode system, the platform may not do to build the F3, F6 level in the future will do, we will do F6DM dual-mode electric vehicles, pure BYD electric vehicle is the ultimate goal of development, recently introduced a subsidy policy, but also for our business are very pleased.

So many years, we insist that the road of development of electric vehicles, at least by the State and industry recognition, this policy is that we can interpret to determine the electric vehicle as the mainstream of the development of new energy vehicles, and consumption of electric vehicles will do this kind of subsidy, and I think the intensity is very large. So in the future marketing of new energy vehicles will usher in a very good time. After the introduction of subsidies in the policy, we increase our marketing plan appropriate, in addition to outside Shenzhen city, will give priority to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Changchun, Hefei pilot cities this new energy vehicles to promote accordingly, will do some late commercial promotion, so the electric car is concerned, the whole car in BYD's development strategy which, we will have a vehicle with conventional fuel to proceed with the situation, not only in the domestic market, our U.S. and European markets also have a corresponding plan this year BYD headquarters just established in North America, responsible for electric cars and other new energy products sales market, sales training, etc., we plan to North America this year by the end of the promotion of electric vehicles.

2010, the company plans to set up European headquarters in Germany, European headquarters is planned for around 2011 to promote electric vehicles in Europe. So this one, we feel that the global market for electric vehicles, or promote new energy, new energy vehicles will accelerate the global market.

The biggest difficulty, the current subsidy level, not only in electric vehicles, may solve the first part of the new energy, electric cars cost price is too high, there are other combination of factors will be restricted to the development of electric vehicles, such as supporting, for example, Charging around the problem of harmonization of standards, and our global Chinese consumers or consumer acceptance of electric vehicles, and we may have such enthusiasm to buy, there is very supportive of enthusiasm, but the purchase of electric cars that many people may not be willing to buy, this is a very long-term work. Our company is very careful to make such a marketing, first at the product level accordingly to let the people, so our users can dare to experience the electric car. We are in a pure electric vehicle in Shenzhen for the promotion, first choose a more efficient use of taxi areas, if the electric field of the test vehicles in the taxi, then the average consumer it will use in electric vehicles is assured or will use very safe, very reliable, electric vehicles in the taxi areas to be tested, then the other behind the promotion will be more aspects.

There is charging facilities, so that we went to other cities to promote new energy vehicles, the consumer will read the local environment, or the hard environment of the building, charging facilities, there may be such a case, BYD electric cars may be to other We can not use city facilities charge, of course, the product level, we have made some efforts, such as DM dual-mode electric vehicle, even if you do not have a professional charging station, you can also use an ordinary household power charger also can be achieved. But also can refuel, and to low-carbon version of the new dual-mode electric vehicle, with solar charging system, energy supplement to achieve a variety of ways, as we use the most environmentally friendly energy to drive the car.

There is a reference to the source of the electric vehicle charging, charging a lot of people think that a lot is a source of thermal power, is not very environmentally friendly, in fact, this may be our business in terms of our power is limited, you are the source of this power, one can not thermal power sales in the short term, the other one will do it our business to charge the source is very environmentally friendly, we BYD electric cars is developing a new energy direction, we have a solar energy storage power station, we use solar energy, wind energy establish a set of household use electricity to use the system, use your air conditioner, refrigerator to use all facilities of home appliances are all sources as solar, wind, BYD maximum battery saving features that we have the core technology, we are able to solar, wind stored in the battery pack which rapidly increase its efficiency. Our company has a future belongs to the village 24 hours discharge status, all refrigerators, air conditioners are turned on, at that time to call people to waste electricity, it does not matter, because at that time the one hand, solar energy is environmentally friendly, and very cheap, and used up the . In household energy systems are, we car system to charge with solar and wind energy, the full realization of the charging source is also environmentally friendly, so that when the energy storage of solar power stations, storage power stations may be adjusted for the smart grid, solar energy may be targeted acquisition and conversion, electric vehicles that we have been adhering to the one to go, there are many difficulties and uncertainties.

So now pleased that, choose the right direction, and hold for so many years, may be invested is very large. Now we think that electric cars do not get much short-term efficiency for Chinese enterprises, the key point, at least two decades in advance, or three years developing a new technology, or develop an alternative source of energy, if After three decades, said electric cars become very popular to go to R & D and homework, it may be very difficult at that time to lose at the starting line.

Another point to global auto companies, auto companies are not doing a battery origin, precisely BYD is very lucky, we started to do the battery, and we hope in this area, careful to promote hope in the future of new energy vehicles which can take place, and the global sharing of human low-carbon electric vehicles brought environmental effects. Also welcome the teachers and media specialists to our company to test drive and experience to our dual-mode electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles. Whether in the acceleration, or in terms of environmental performance, we are confident and other commercial products in the fair competition in the market to compare, come together to promote the healthy development of China's automobile, thank you.

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Dalian waste battery recycling bins will be set out by the end of 3000-4000 to complete a

Dalian waste battery recycling bins will be set out by the end of 3000-4000 to complete a

Yesterday, the reporter held in Xinghai Bay bathing waste battery recycling activities on the public learned that the city will set up a waste battery recycling bins from 3000 to 4000, and completed by the end of 2011 to establish the recycling system.

According to reports, the city types of waste batteries recycling, treatment and recycling is no a unified sound recycling network and long-term mechanism, with the rapid growth in popularity of electronic products, particularly the use of various types of batteries electronic products in the hands of families and individuals to be held, growing, used, or failure of an increasing number of various types of waste batteries, users abandoned carelessly throw away quite common, the potential threat of environmental pollution are increasingly serious. To solve this problem is related to people's livelihood and the environment, approved by the Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, in accordance with the municipal government of Dalian Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of the uniform requirements, Fang Sheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Dalian will soon begin to establish waste battery recycling system work plan Dalian sub-regional, sub-systems, a phased establishment of waste battery recycling bins from 3000 to 4000, and completed by the end of 2011 to establish the recycling system.

According to reports, Tieling Fang Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. invested more than 68 environmental protection million in the Liaoning Provincial Environmental Protection Industry Park IV (Tieling), construction with capacity of 2.2 million tons of waste battery treatment plant, has passed the provincial environmental impact assessment. Put into operation, are capable of solving the three northeastern provinces of used batteries harmless, resource processing problems. Approved by the Liaoning Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Fang Sheng Liaoning Province will build waste battery recycling system, the province plans to install 50,000 to 60,000 bins, large-scale recycling of used batteries, environmental problems to solve people's problems far installed nearly 3400 bins.

Crystalline silicon solar cell coated by the Cooperative Extension

Crystalline silicon solar cell coated by the Cooperative Extension Time :2010-6-7 Source: International Energy Network Summary: In May 2010, Air Liquide Canada Sixtron advanced materials company said it would cooperate to crystalline silicon (c-Si ) solar cell manufacturers and distributors to promote an advanced coating material, the coating of crystalline solar cells can effectively improve the performance and efficiency. Sixtro ... 2010 In May, Air Liquide Canada Sixtron advanced materials company said it would cooperate to crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cell manufacturers and distributors to promote an advanced coating material, the coating can effectively improve the crystal solar cell performance and efficiency.

Sixtron R & D is mainly used for industrial coatings to improve solar cell performance and reduce production costs. Sixtron of Silexium process solution that combines proprietary molecular technology and SunBox precursor gas generation system technology, the deposition of the coating performance, for the crystalline solar panel manufacturers the cost of reduced battery power.

Air Liquide ALOHA series of advanced visual precursor materials together to promote the customer's needs, while providing for the world's photovoltaic its high value-added gas to solve new program. It is reported that over 20 Yu Jiajing bulk silicon solar cell manufacturers to benefit from Air Liquide's materials management solution for installation services and field facilities, these manufacturers are for the next large-scale production technology using Silexium actively deployed.

The formation of solar PV industry chain

"Seiko solar energy" production wafers "Jinghui Solar" production of solar panels, "harmony photovoltaic" solar glass production, "Zijin photovoltaic" solar cell module ... ... Yesterday morning, the reporters get in Shaoxing Economic and Trade Bureau A photovoltaic industry leading enterprises of the statement shows that in the textile industry, while the rapid transformation and upgrading, Shaoxing County, is sketched out a roadmap for the new energy industry, is expected to nurture the county's economy has a "special forces."

"PV industry companies have over one-third of the county town (street, zone)." Shaoxing Economic and Trade Bureau, according to the relevant personnel, after several years of development, Shaoxing County, has formed from the 'furnace → silicon polycrystalline silicon raw materials → film solar module production cut → → solar lighting applications, "one-stop solar PV industry chain. Data, was founded in 2005, Seiko Solar Technology Co., Ltd. production capacity of 25 MW, solar energy has been ranked manufacturer of crystalline silicon ingots seventh place in the province first.

Beginning last year, Shaoxing County, the capital of many traditional industries into new industries. If the county "Meidiya textile" investment of 30 million yuan to set solar technology research and development, design, manufacturing and system integration in one, professional solution heating and central hot water system users of the new energy business transformation program, the project can produce 30,000 units of flat panel solar water heater, LED lights 10000.

Last year, the county of Shaoxing County initiated the research of new energy industry planning, preparation. Provincial Development and Reform Commission of Shaoxing County Development and Reform Bureau of the Joint Task Force issued a research report suggested that about three years time, a breakthrough new energy industry in Shaoxing County, about ten billion yuan in sales revenue. The report also on the path of industrial development made detailed recommendations.

"Shaoxing County, to speed up the development of new energy industry, is facing an important opportunity." Shaoxing County Development and Reform Bureau, a charge that, Shaoxing County polysilicon furnace, chemical fiber and textile raw materials, mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing and other industries strong, solar photovoltaic, wind power equipment and other new energy equipment manufacturing industry and other related components supporting the rapid development of manufacturing foundation.

"Give priority to the development of new energy industries, the textile dyeing industry-based economic transformation and upgrading of industrial significance." Shaoxing county government official said that the current PV industry in Shaoxing County, in the middle on the side of the main chain position, and surrounding areas PV industry, mostly downstream products, Shaoxing County, docking and photovoltaic industry chain integration product left a large space to develop.

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Who controls the battery will come to control the car

Who controls the battery will come to control the car

"He who controls the battery will come to control the car." This phrase comes from Japan. In light of new energy vehicles such as the gorgeous glow like the prospects of Japanese companies made the above point of view.

The strict sense of the new concept to measure energy, electric cars and can not be counted as a new energy vehicles. However, the relative has developed over 100 years of gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles and new energy this throw can enjoy good reputation. This is because, after all, electric vehicles can replace gasoline and diesel as a drive energy, which ease the increasingly tight oil resources for the further discovery of other new energy before the transition to air pollution than gasoline and small savings to the electric car treated as a new energy vehicles, not totally. That being the case, battery electric vehicles as the core structure, the Japanese have given the unusual absolute evaluation, it is not surprising.

Only in respect of new energy vehicles in the electric car, its three constituent elements is the battery, motor, electric control. This "Three" is the most important among the batteries. According to reports, in order to the battery as a new energy future competition in the automotive industry the upper hand, the Obama administration has decided to push the battery out of $ 2.4 billion R & D, Japan and Europe is also a big move. As Japan's electric cars and hybrid vehicles in production models have, therefore, the Japanese capital and technology investment than Europe and more targeted. From this perspective, the Japanese electric vehicle, battery and more profound awareness of the importance.

In the new energy vehicles to seize the high ground in China did not lead, but not far behind. Now have electric cars or hybrid vehicles produced a small amount of R & D capabilities and the ability of Chinese manufacturers FAW, SAIC, BYD, Chery and Chang'an. Among these five brands with a vendor to develop a lithium battery, already have to travel 600,000 km, cycle 300 times the capacity of charging, that is, can be converted into each travel 300 kilometers on one charge. If the price is right, it is sufficient to attract the consumer's buying behavior. It is estimated that a mature technology, the use of electric vehicles, the cost of a traditional gasoline engine cars 1 / 4, this figure is very attractive.

Issues currently facing electric vehicles, in addition to a very complex technical problems, there are two challenges, one standard battery, second battery is environmentally friendly. For the first challenge - the standard, we are completely invested huge capital and technology to research. The so-called "standard" is to ensure that its internal battery in the car driving to meet construction needs, their operating principles and external specifications are standardized, and this standard is currently the United States, Japan, Europe did not, leaving us plenty of room. The major criteria for determining significance of the interchangeability of the battery, that is, the car battery power when you finished, you can change to any one a charging station (or group) battery, without having the car parked there waiting Chang several hours of charging. This is very important.

Battery life after the end of treatment, should also be developing new energy vehicles are taken into account those issues. Once the technology is mature and a lot of battery energy is used as a new car would have a lot of waste battery disposal problem. From the entire battery production, the role of a loop to waste, its production and degradation to the greenhouse effect will bring a considerable impact. Not solve this problem, the extent of the harm it will greatly offset the entire product life cycle in the province out of that little gasoline.

New energy vehicles is a dangerous mountain peak, beautiful scenery, climbing difficult. Leapt to the world's first Chinese car production and sales, to seize the opportunity, the first summit it?

The world's largest thin-film silicon photovoltaic power plant will start in Inner Mongolia

Recently learned that the world's largest silicon thin film photovoltaic power plant project - national "Golden Sun" solar energy demonstration power plant project will begin in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

It is reported that the 5-megawatt solar power plant by the Chinese companies to invest in energy-saving environmental protection group, will use 5.7 square meters double junction silicon thin film solar cell technology. ENN's new solar energy company announced the successful Austrian project, providing two-junction silicon thin-film components, accessories and other related integration services.

According to reports, the original thin-film solar cell products to achieve the transformation of industrial production rate remained at 6%, then it is up to the new Austrian 9.2%. This is the world's silicon-based thin-film solar cells the maximum conversion rate. In addition, the new Austrian production of 5.7 square meters of silicon thin film solar panels is the world's largest solar panels.

New energy vehicles subsidies ahead of market expectations

Ministry of Finance and other ministries jointly issued "on the purchase of new energy vehicles to carry out subsidies for private pilot," which launched in five cities to determine the purchase of new energy vehicles to subsidize private pilot. According to the notification, plug-in hybrid and electric cars up to respectively 50,000 and 60,000 yuan of subsidies. Subsidies exceeded market expectations.

CICC report that the pure electric and plug-in hybrid mix of subsidies is much larger than ordinary subsidies, reflecting the decision-makers hope to catch up in the field of electric vehicles the United States, Japan and other developed countries, to enhance our competitiveness of the automotive industry policy orientation. Report to judge, continued to guide China's electric cars and plug-in electric vehicles and related core components of development will become a government focus.

CICC that, JAC, Chang'an Automobile and Shanghai Automotive are part of the vehicle to enjoy the energy car allowance. Dongan as the largest independent supplier of low-emission vehicles, some models of its facilities can receive subsidies. Diesel passenger cars the same subsidies, favorable cloud power.

State Securities industry research report that the two companies will be the first to benefit from subsidies for the pilot: first, a more mature new energy passenger car companies such as Shanghai Automotive, BYD; the second is in the battery (especially lithium batteries) chain and drive motor (including control system) leader in the field, such as CITIC Guoan, Jiangsu Guotai Shanshangufen and ocean motors.

Guotai Junan is to remind investors of new energy vehicles still need to promote the use of real time, related to the performance of listed companies is reflected in the next two years is still uncertain. The pre-batteries, rare earth plate or higher, related to the recent stock valuation pressure. Investors are advised to focus on lithium battery industry chain, to benefit the order for the battery material, battery assembly, the upstream raw materials.

Securities of state said that the new energy automotive batteries manufacturing, parts and upstream resources and other industry segments with strong long-term investment value, and new energy automobile company, fell by the main business cycle effects, is not optimistic short-term investment still need to wait for opportunities.

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Innovative technology allows solar cells to enter the Europe-Fu

Innovative technology allows solar cells to enter the Europe-Fu

Fu Holding Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Spring Hill home recently delighted to tell reporters that the company's gel battery domestic market share last year after the first, again last week, Germany won the European solar power stations more than 6000 orders only, April and Africa and Ghana signed export agreements have been shipped batteries, representing the advanced level of environmental protection in our province solar energy storage battery finally went into the European and non-market. In addition, the company's sales agreements with manufacturers in India also is in talks.

To enter the domestic market from Europe to seize the market, this road does not go smoothly Fu, talking about things from 2003. Then Fu and Harbin Institute of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences for cooperation, research and development represents the most advanced level of gel batteries, which lasted two and a half years, finally found the China Battery Industry Association, Wah Fu gel batteries produced by the technical level, in the same industry among the best, and by the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology, Jiangsu Province, identified by the letter of appointment, Wah Fu produced gel battery system pioneered by leading technology, and to declare the success of the 13 invention patents. Spring Hill home, according to reports, this proprietary blend of intelligent high-capacity multi-colloidal solar (wind) energy storage battery, with a high energy density technology, energy self-management technology, a unique parallel charging and other key technologies advantage with five : The first is the energy density of up to 50Wh/Kg, energy conversion efficiency of> 90%, and sealed reaction rate ≥ 99%, no additional water to achieve a truly maintenance-free. Followed by the small size, long life, resistance is small, high-rate characteristics of a good. Third, using special alloys of rare earth and lead paste formula, self-discharge rate, good resistance to deep discharge capacity and has a strong capacity of recovery. Fourth, a new original buried electrodes to overcome the poor contact and electrode corrosion failure defects. 5 there is a wide temperature -40 C -60 C, suitable for outdoor use in various environments.

Home Spring Hill admitted, has five major advantages of solar energy storage Fu is the leading battery technology, but the domestic market was not optimistic about the technology, the domestic market is still the traditional AGM battery (ie, ultra-fine glass wool material battery) or import the battery world. In this regard, the Chinese did not give the rich, they believe "is always shining gold." Hua Fuli that the establishment of specialized marketing companies to promote solar energy storage battery in 2009 alone, solar energy storage Fu sales exceeded 60 million gel batteries, storage batteries were successful domestic leader.

To promote the company's product development on the road, a few pieces of gold standard certification authority to Fu brings significant benefits. Fu battery has passed UL, CE, China's "Golden Sun Certification" Quam Group Development and Reform Commission and therefore nation-building to get a certificate of photovoltaic projects, she won the National Development and Reform Commission to enter Tibet "village power" pilot project - household solar power system projects tickets. This year in the solar (wind) energy storage battery into the Expo venue, the Fu and winning the nation's largest solar exclusive demonstration project - Dongtai Highway 333 solar demonstration project, a total of up to 64.5 km of provincial roads to install solar lights 1634, more than 3,000 solar energy storage battery only.

Changes in the domestic market and did not let Fu met. Home Spring Hill told reporters, Fu to be this year to seek a breakthrough in the international market. In early April, after bringing together science and technology departments, Fu came into contact with the Ghanaian side. Other fancy Fu advanced technology, the test several times in Ghana Fu products and found that the product is relatively large temperature difference between day and night in the African environment to ease of use, on the successful signing of the value of 6,000 million yuan more than just solar export agreement. The good news came, the more determined to China the rich "going out" of confidence.

In early May, and they began to negotiate a German power plant. Home Spring Hill told reporters, although beaten Union has received CE certification, but in order to obtain more stringent German Rhine Technology Co., Ltd. (TUV) certification, Fu spent hundreds of thousands of yuan, will deliver products to Germany, and received TUV certification. Last week, the German power plant contract with Fu's success, ordered more than 6,000 solar cells only. According to the Spring Hill home, currently Fu is still conducting negotiations with manufacturers in India, in his view, on behalf of clean and environmentally friendly solar battery industry will usher in a golden period of development.

Shanghai Jiaotong University Solar Energy Research Institute Professor Shen Wenzhong told reporters that in 2007 China solar cell production has overtaken Europe, Japan, the world's solar cell manufacturing superpower. In industrial distribution, China's solar cell industry has formed a certain gathering momentum. In the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, central and western regions, has formed a unique solar energy industry cluster. Fu export to competitive, technically demanding European and African countries, out of a new path of industrial development.

U.S. lithium battery maker will build factories in China and expansion in the United States

Dow Jones reported that the U.S. lithium battery maker EnerDel will build factories in China and Europe, the U.S. expansion and adding new customers.

EnerDel CEO of parent company Ener1 Naoki Ota (Naoki Ota), said: "EnerDel will be the end of 2010 in China and Europe to build a new plant, aimed to increase global production EnerDel battery 2 times. EnerDel battery pack initially Chinese factories can produce up to 20000, the European factory battery production capacity will reach 20,000. "

EnerDel in Indianapolis has three factories, annual production of 20,000 battery pack. EnerDel plans over the next four years, the U.S. battery production capacity expanded to 60,000.

Naoki Ota said: "By the end of 2011, EnerDel battery production capacity worldwide will reach 60 000. EnerDel end of this year will add two new customers."

At present, EnerDel only two customers for the Volvo Car Corporation (volvo Car) and the Norwegian electric car maker Think company.

Honeywell was the U.S. Department of Energy funds for the production of automotive lithium battery materials

Dow Jones reported that Honeywell (Honeywell) companies on May 28 announced that it has with the U.S. Department of Energy (Department of Energy) contract, from which have been funded at $ 27.3 million, a very important for the production of hybrid powered cars and electric vehicles using lithium-ion battery materials.

The Department of Energy grant to help Honeywell became the first domestic high-purity lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6) suppliers. Lithium hexafluorophosphate is a conductive salt, can promote the transfer of lithium ion battery inside, so that the battery can store and release power, the production of lithium-ion rechargeable battery materials necessary for one of the four key.

In addition, Honeywell has developed a new, environmentally sound production processes to produce high-purity lithium hexafluorophosphate. The production process generates less waste, and produce the product purity and stability of the manufacturing process is better than the alternative.

Avicenne an independent market research company reported that the plug-in electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles driven by the wave of production is expected in 2015, lithium-ion battery market will reach 72 million units this year to 101 million units, an increase of more than 40%.

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Expo "ecological construction" tipping green living ideas

Expo "ecological construction" tipping green living ideas

Summer coming soon, along with Shanghai World Expo will flow into the peak period. Been to the Expo site probably know, at the Expo, there are some so large an area as national pavilions, but the same unique style of small buildings, which seems to be "not look" and "small hall" is actually amazing skill , which contains the scientific and technological content even higher than some of the large exhibition hall.

["Hamburg House"]

The seal does not consume energy "passive house"

In the Shanghai World Expo Park, has a basement, ground and four-story red brick building, which is a high-tech "Hamburg House."

From 9:00 to 17:30 hours of operation, the "Hamburg House" is not always open the door, but if you went to the door, you open the door to its own staff. To minimize the number of door switches, is to ensure that the "Hamburg House" without air conditioning and heating will be able to maintain a constant temperature 25 ℃ trick. Currently, the "Hamburg House" will control the number of visitors per day, in principle, no more than 200 people a day, which is also out of temperature considerations. In order to cut off the outside of the "hot swap", visitors enter the visit, the staff must first close the door first, then open the second door.

If so, can ensure that the indoor air fresh and it?

Do not worry! "Hamburg House" roof installed in central ventilation for all rooms inside the building to provide heating or cooling through dehumidification fresh air. Moreover, the ventilation system with heat recovery function is also the summer to provide fresh air while recycling the heat generated inside the house, at least up to 90% recovery. "Hamburg House" and the traditional Chinese concept of "facing south" housing is located opposite, but "look northward," this anomaly is to adapt the performance of Shanghai water and soil, because Hamburg is located in northern Germany than Shanghai cold, if the south, would not be able to achieve the "summer cold" the. Interestingly, the drawer structure also pay attention to that north is to expand the space for additional light. Seemingly ordinary windows more doorways, each fan is Hamburg "passive house institute" certified special material made of three layers of glass, radiant floor heat comes out of the window and removable mesh visor. Building roof insulation have walls 18 cm thick, red brick wall is not an ordinary wall, and its very special firing method can provide good thermal insulation. In the basement, you can see a huge number of roots similar to "dendrites" of the winding up of the red channel. Staff told the visitors, the red "vine" is the "Wish Tree," the roots of one side are residents of different countries about the three-dimensional images in the desire for future low-carbon city. Designer Christina with the words, "Hamburg House" is the best energy-efficient buildings, but also the first buildings in Shanghai and in China certified "passive house" (the "ultra-low power room") . No heating in winter, summer without air conditioning, solar, geothermal, thermal, etc. will be able to maintain the body temperature seasons.

["Shanghai Eco-Home"]

In fact, life seems ordinary construction

Shanghai World Expo in the Urban Best Practice area, there is a fresh and elegant house, which is not complex decoration, no extra furniture, green dotted with wooden and rattan furniture. This is not an ordinary house, but a symbol of a model for future green home house, which is located in the Expo's Urban Best Practice Area of China's only domestic cases - "eco-house in Shanghai", it shows that the system energy efficiency technology as the core of the network in the pan to the specific application in the field of civil cases. It is reported that "in Shanghai Eco-Home" eco-house in this building 70% of the technology can be applied immediately, the remaining 30% can also be widely used in the next five years. Seemingly ordinary residential windows, roof, in fact, all of them are production masters, they can put solar "collect" them into electricity. Photovoltaic cells on the roof, beautiful windmill can provide energy; even in no wind, no sun in the case, the kitchen can also provide fuel cell basic household energy needs, to meet the family of three electricity and hot water needs . In addition, the beautiful screen and fence Wei algae not only beautify the environment played a role, but also can absorb carbon dioxide chamber, clean living space. Even more surprising is that in this next building, the different types of energy can be focused on collecting, even according to the actual needs of different households into, if there is surplus power generated can also be transported to the city through the grid the other corner. As with the brain of energy and life, know how to wisely used, so as to improve household energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and emissions, to achieve home energy conservation. In the "Shanghai Eco-Home", the section reflects the well-known innovator in clean energy, photovoltaic solar technology ENN video is broadcast repeatedly on the large LED screen, vivid display of a future home life scenes. Let all this beautiful picture of a reality, it is information technology, energy efficiency technologies and systems combining smart new energy technologies, which is "in Shanghai Eco-Home" to achieve the greatest secret of the future where green living. What is the future home? "Let the building grow out from the earth like, like, toward the sun." 20th century American architect Wright painted a blueprint for the future home of the "Shanghai Eco-Home" truly Wright's dream.

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