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Jiaxing performance of electronic information industry "catching" the fastest growing battery manufa

Jiaxing performance of electronic information industry "catching" the fastest growing battery manufacturer

By the financial crisis, greater dependence on foreign information industry last year has been a huge impact. However, the city's information industry has released semi-annual report shows that the first half of this year, Jiaxing information industry to life.

January to June, the electronic information industry continues upward trend, economic growth doubled, to accelerate revenue growth in the software industry, took the overall recovery of the rising channel. Growth rate of the indicators are much faster than the city average level of industrial enterprises above designated size.


Recovery of electronic information industry

January to June, the city's electronic information industry (387) completed a total industrial output value of 20.526 billion yuan, up 75.55% over last year; industrial sales output value of 19.824 billion yuan, an increase of 81.62%; export delivery value of 8.369 billion yuan , an increase of 50.38%; complete the main business income of 19.758 billion yuan, up 80.99%; total profit of 1.62 billion yuan. Software revenue total of 445 million yuan, an increase of 67.30%.

The rapid expansion of industrial scale is the development of the first half of the city's information industry is a major feature. January to June, the city-scale electronic information industry output grew 75.55%, representing the city's total industrial output value of 9.55%, to become an important pillar of the city's industrial development industry.

In 28 manufacturing, industrial output value of over $ 2 billion in information chemical manufacturing, battery manufacturing, manufacture of micro motors and other motors, wire and cable manufacturing, electronic components and component manufacturing five industries. Among them, the largest chemical manufacturing information, over 3.6 billion yuan industrial output value; battery manufacturing industry grew the fastest, up 259.73 percent, mainly due to the solar cell materials and components products to expand production capacity, international market rebound .


Initial success of industrial restructuring

Municipal Development and Reform Commission responsible person that the information industry during the first half of this year's economic data increased considerably, because the low base last year. Therefore, the current overall economic growth should be viewed as the resumption of growth. In addition, in the first half of the city's information industry growth rate high, but the growth rate in June slowed down compared to May, taking into account the base of the second half of last year, is picking up, the second half of the growth of information industry than on slow half year is expected to complete the information industry industrial output value 40 billion.

Current industrial restructuring has achieved initial success, economic efficiency has improved significantly. January to June, the scale of electronic information industry realized main business income of 19.758 billion yuan, an increase of 80.99%. OPE up to 8.20%, higher than the same period in 2008, 3.6 percentage points.

At present, some enterprises orders was good, but cost pressures increased, labor, material costs, export a high proportion of foreign exchange influenced by the price, because foreign currency-denominated export products, down, or if the foreign exchange revaluation and, ultimately, the RMB less income. This year the euro, the European market-oriented enterprises to greater losses. Part of the business in July, August, orders have been significantly better than the second quarter, market conditions in September is not clear.

Municipal Development and Reform Commission that the relevant person in charge, the information industry and high export-oriented, and closely related to the international market, the international repercussions of the financial crisis, many uncertainties still exist, market volatility that may arise at any time. Therefore, any one factor over the expected changes are likely to adversely affect the development of information industry.


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