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Battery, power station into a new energy vehicles for the most part of investment value

Battery, power station into a new energy vehicles for the most part of investment value

In the new energy automotive industry, which area of the "cake" Max? With the emergence of new energy technologies, enterprises in the internal combustion engine vehicle shine era cases are being replaced by another, many companies want to cross the original parts threshold, a manufacturer of a vehicle. Analysts believe that, in terms of market increments, battery, motor and other parts manufacturers to benefit the most, even more important is that these parts manufacturer or the automobile industry will change the existing pattern.

Industry experts said that in the internal combustion engine era, the value of complete vehicle business, which accounts for 25% of a car, 75% of the cost in parts and components suppliers. In the era of electric vehicles, a car nearly 90 percent of manufacturing costs will be spent on parts and components sectors, much of it is that the car battery.

"The battery is new energy automotive industry chain, the most important and most valuable part of an investment with conventional cars, the new energy automotive batteries determines the basic performance of the vehicle's driving performance." Hongyuan Securities analyst Wang Jing said .

Battery is the core of new energy vehicles, the most critical components, as predicted lithium-ion batteries will soon become a mainstream alternative to nickel-hydrogen batteries power batteries, lithium batteries power the new energy vehicles for demand-pull as the brightest body focus. Clearly, the lithium-ion battery, motor, electronic control and other related industrial chain of electric car companies will face even greater opportunities for development.

"Europe, the United States, Japan, in the traditional engine cars have a large advantage, hybrid HEV in Japan have a large advantage, but a large number of patent applications in China in the two paths are difficult to exceed the foreign industry in China selected Plug-in hybrid PHEV, EV electric car industry, long-term development road in line with the target, while China in the battery, motor, lithium, rare earth resources have a comparative advantage, favor long-term development of new energy vehicles. "CRE securities analysts Gregory believes that the basic power to determine the route of lithium battery positive.

"The new energy policy support for larger vehicles, has made clear its long-term development path, gradually nurturing the market needs, but may be-than-expected progress in the development of electric vehicles, batteries benefit from a larger variety of China has been more negative and the electrolyte mature, positive will gradually mature, production is now mainly in the stability problem to solve. lithium long-term development is the trend. "CRE Securities expects the new energy vehicles in 2012 will exceed 10 million units, which 6 billion battery industry can lead the market in the next three annual compound growth of more than 50%.

Another forecasts that the power lithium battery is likely in the next 10 to 20 years to develop into a several hundred billion-dollar global market, and a few dominant companies will gain most of the growth of the industry results. Therefore, Huatai Securities analyst recommendations Yao Hongguang, the company's investment in this area should be "re-light price" principle, in the company's future strategy for the emerging high-quality competition in the industry can bring a higher probability of winning the potential growth returns , will be much higher than the increase in short-term high cost of investment valuation. Currently in development and production of lithium-based listed companies sailing shares and 100 million influx of money universal Wei Li, etc., to produce lithium-based components have Fosugufen, Topband shares Shanshangufen, China Fang Textile, China Baoan, Foshan lighting.

New energy vehicles will quickly pull the other industry is supporting the construction of power plants. Power station construction company has been charging full swing, the national network planning and construction in 2010 75 electric car charging stations, more than 6000 charging pile, together with South Network project, the end total will be built more than 100 charging stations. Great Wall Securities expects the State Grid Corporation completed in 2015 the construction of the capital city, charging stations built in 4000, to 2020 10 000 charging stations. Grid Company's strategy is to build into a network of new energy vehicles and the use of distributed energy storage systems can enhance the power as a proportion of final energy consumption. Meanwhile, the infrastructure supporting the construction of the development of new energy vehicles in China has provided a guarantee.


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