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Green photovoltaic industry lies in the refining of silicon

Green photovoltaic industry lies in the refining of silicon

"Solar silicon refining + tracking + condenser + high efficiency concentrator silicon cells," the third generation of photovoltaic power generation for "green" and was optimistic about the industry wide, which, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher at the Institute of Theoretical Physics held last week Zuoxiu 2010 China (East Sea) silicon industry development forum to present ideas, in the third generation of photovoltaic power generation, based on the development of green photovoltaic industry, the key is to make "solar + energy," the joint refining of silicon technology to industry.

There is now doubt the existence of the photovoltaic industry, the PV industry in many sectors that are high energy consumption, high pollution, energy recovery would only need at least 2 to 3 years. This Zuoxiu said the high cost of photovoltaic power generation and high energy mainly from the Preparation of solar grade polysilicon process. The third generation of solar photovoltaic power generation is the core of refining silicon, the consumption of solar energy, not fossil fuels, non-operating fully to avoid the crucible crucible contamination present this new technology has been able to stabilize the property of silicon yield large 80% in high-purity silicon, energy consumption per kilogram less than 30 kWh. However, it is somewhat regrettable that the method can only focus on solar energy into light about the size of tennis balls, and a daily average of only smelting 6 hours.

Zuoxiu that, compared with intermediate frequency furnace (a change in the frequency of AC 50Hz 300Hz to 1000Hz frequency power supply unit) can not be completely avoided, although silicon refining crucible contamination, but the frequency of solar furnace can be gathered in the football, volleyball, even the size of the crucible in basketball, and smelting 24 hours a day. Siemens with the most commonly used method than even the yield of silicon smelting furnace IF only 50%, Siemens can significantly reduce the high energy consumption and high pollution, power consumption is only a modified Siemens 1 / 5 ~ 1 / 3, and low cost. Currently, the use of intermediate frequency furnace has been refining high-purity silicon to create a high conversion rate of solar cells.

Zuoxiu that the solar silicon refining the concept and refining of silicon technology for medium frequency induction furnace is the key to achieve green PV, solar furnace and intermediate frequency furnace combined "solar + energy" can produce a variety of refining silicon purity polysilicon and single crystalline silicon, to meet different market needs. Once the joint refining of silicon technology to the industry, will break the crystalline silicon cells, thin film cells the existing market structure, the PV industry will also become a green industry.

Currently, built in Wuwei in Gansu "4 times the condenser + rotary track", the peak power of 1 MW of small PV power station, has become the "green" power of a presentation window, power generation, substantially lower costs, the use of polysilicon costs have dropped to conventional flat plate silicon solar cells 1 / 5 ~ 1 / 4.

Obama 'sell' electric vehicle batteries

U.S. President Obama is scheduled on September 15 speech in Michigan, called for business investment and production plug-in hybrid car batteries, said the industry will become the highlight of U.S. economic recovery.

Obama is scheduled to fly on the same day Holland, Michigan City, participated in a battery plant groundbreaking ceremony. The plant will be GM's Chevrolet "Volt" series and the Ford Motor Company, "Fox" series hybrid battery production.

Obama announced in August last year, $ 2.4 billion for the next generation of electric cars and batteries. Holland city to start building before this battery factory, has eight manufacturing plant of electric vehicles and battery broke ground.

2010CIBF industry event brings together the elite exhibition Treasures - Introduction

June 24, early success of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center 2010CIBF battery event, exhibition of unprecedented scale, exhibiting area will reach 30,000 square meters, the number of booths to 1300, there will be more than 50 countries and regions from more than 20,000 visitors visited the exhibition . CIBF2010 also held more than academic reports, and feature new products and technology conference, the "battery power batteries and energy storage" is the theme from more than 50 countries and regions, 800 people attended the meeting.


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