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Jiang motor bus into the new energy

Jiang motor bus into the new energy

July 13, Jiang motor (002,176, it shares) (002,176) announced that the company has three other companies signed a new energy cooperation agreement buses, passenger cars will enter the new energy field.

Jiang motor with three companies to sign the agreement, the Jiangxi Province, the new lithium energy industry limited liability company, Anyuan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shenzhou New Energy Technology giant electric Development Co., Ltd..

According to reports, the main river is responsible for providing electrical motor and motor control systems to ensure compliance with vehicle requirements. Anyuan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is responsible for body and vehicle electronic control system, and is responsible for vehicle assembly; giant Beijing Shenzhou New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. power supply batteries and battery charge management system, and is responsible for the battery and battery management system installation and assist in the installation of the vehicle; Jiangxi Lithium Energy Industry Co., Ltd. is responsible for Yichun new energy bus manufacturing co-ordination, financing and manufacturing.

Jiang motor, said first assembly of new lithium energy bus 2, to ensure that within 60 days to complete assembly.

The company also said to be a "special lithium battery Material Co., Ltd. in Jiangxi," as a platform to play in the field of special advantage of the motor, the upstream and downstream industries to lithium (lithium ore, lithium batteries, car motors, electric vehicle drive assembly, special electric vehicles, etc.) direction. The signing of the agreement for the company to promote the motor vehicle and electric vehicle drive assembly of the R & D, prototype development and to provide a lithium-based downstream industries, the company's current operating performance had no effect.

JA Company and Innovalight jointly developed highly efficient solar cells

JA and Innovalight Inc. signed a three-year strategic agreement to the JA's recently announced "Secium" battery development nanoparticle ink.

The two companies also announced that the strategic cooperation agreement mainly through the cooperation of the two companies, making JA conventional photovoltaic conversion rate will reach 20%. The technology will be Innovalight U.S. headquarters, and JA battery R & D headquarters in China R & D team at the same time.

JA recently reported the company's Secium cell conversion rate has reached 18.9%: The conversion rate results from the German Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems confirmed!

LG to build car battery factory in the United States will attend the groundbreaking ceremony for Obama

According to South Korean media reports, LG Chem will invest $ 300 million in the U.S. city of Holland, Mich., to build a car with a second lithium battery factory.

Reported, LG Chemical in 2013 before the $ 300 million, the city built in the Dutch area of 60,000 square meters with a secondary battery electric car manufacturing plant. The first half of 2012 the first plant put into commercial production in 2013, fully completed, annual production for 200,000 (subject to hybrid vehicles) vehicles use rechargeable batteries.

The report also said the U.S. plant will be the commencement ceremony held at 15 local time, U.S. President Barack Obama will attend. U.S. media reported that the U.S. President to attend the commencement ceremony of foreign companies or the completion ceremony of the factory, this is a very rare thing, this is the first visit to South Korea factory. Analysts said the analysis, Obama decided to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for LG Chem factory means that LG Chem electric vehicles use rechargeable batteries in the U.S. auto industry has a special significance.

SoloPower introduced flexible solar panel roof

SoloPower week launched a series of flexible and flexible commercial rooftop solar panels. SoloPower thin-film batteries will be copper, indium, gallium, selenium together, and then placed in a flexible aluminum foil.

SoloPower CEO Tim Harris said in a statement, the thin film solar panels than glass wrapped in solar panels lighter, and turn up the dark solar system other than the installation more convenient. Solar panels can be laminated and mounted to the roof rack tilt board. Currently, SoloPower positive energy sector for loans, to expand its San Jose facility's production capacity.


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