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Jing Xian, Shenzhen, tens of thousands of battery of a roadside

Jing Xian, Shenzhen, tens of thousands of battery of a roadside

At 21:00 on the 20th, in Luohu District, near the town of Conde entertainment, Jingxian tens of thousands of cells, including half of the packaging intact, the rest of the cell surface has decomposed. Passers-by have to guess the battery source.

According to witnesses, Mr. Liu, a walk and found out last night around Sungang street full of people, squeeze him and saw that there are tens of thousands of cell stack in the street. Liu curious, picked from the heap cell battery with six complete home package.

"To my electric razor on a test, found that the battery actually available."

Conde Entertainment City staff speculated that the battery should be close to a business eager to clearance, see part of the battery is moldy, and think that all the batteries have been wet, so lost all fall. "It should be not an ordinary small shops, because small businesses will certainly be traded carefully check the battery, which is estimated to businesses eager to clearance." The employee said.

The relevant departments that used batteries should be recycled and make the appropriate and timely treatment, this huge amount of "cell stack", if not treated, not only for the life of the people around a security risk, discarded batteries pollution of surface water, also be contaminated water.

Days of international cooperation projects through the PV examination and approval of the Ministry of Science

Recently, Yunnan days of Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") and the University of New South Wales, Australia R & D laser doping selective emitter solar cell project examination and approval by the Ministry of Science, received a special National Science and Technology funding. The first project is currently 2.47 million yuan of special funds have been allocated arrival.

The successful implementation of the project will allow the company co-crystal silicon solar cell conversion efficiency to 19%, polycrystalline silicon solar cell conversion efficiency to 18%, to reach and maintain world-class technology.

Brother released "crank" shock rechargeable battery

As the name suggests this is through the vibration of the battery to generate electricity, for AA or AAA size of the slot. Most products are available in the market lithium-ion rechargeable battery, battery with this vibration, even in the absence of the power field are no longer afraid. But you had better prepare enough food to avoid too much physical exertion can not be added.

Magicstor: quit lithium secondary battery business

Under-invested enterprises in Guizhou Aerospace Power Technology Co., operating conditions, Magicstor (000,920, it shares) (000,920) to reduce operational risk and improve overall profitability of assets, the proposed transfer of foreign equity held by all aerospace power.

Aerospace power operations include development, production, sales of lithium secondary batteries, their products are mainly for domestic mobile phone package. The company registered capital of 28.57 million yuan, of which 37.81% stake Magicstor, the company management team holding 33%, Guizhou Aerospace Industrial Co., Ltd. holds 23.92%, 5.27% stake Meiling Chemical Plant.

As of the end of the first quarter of this year, the total assets of 89.32 million yuan aerospace power, the net assets of 22.1 million yuan in the first quarter operating income of 20.66 million yuan, loss of 1.46 million yuan. Up to now Magicstor guarantee for the balance of space power to 12.9 million.

Magicstor said the transfer will help reduce the company's business risk will help the company focus on core development strategy in accordance with strategic business development.


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