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Lithium iron phosphate batteries power the city's new electric car

Lithium iron phosphate batteries power the city's new electric car

In the post-industrial era, the popularity of the car much faster than our imagination, and efficient in bringing the convenience of a large number of exhaust emissions, but also adds a lot of pressure to the environment, and as oil prices and caused carbon dioxide emissions of greenhouse effects and other problems highlighted, it is an urgent need to find new energy to replace traditional energy sources. Liquid hydrogen, fuel cells are a good choice, but there are high prices, immature technology and other issues, ordinary lead-acid battery costs are relatively low, but weight, low energy density, short life, there is also a potential heavy metal pollution. Chengdu into a "zero discharge" of all-electric buses, attracted widespread attention, this all-electric buses using the new lithium iron phosphate as its power core, this new generation of green power electric cars has many features and advantages .

Very high security

To serve as vehicle dynamics and safety is the overriding consideration. Despite the general safety of lithium batteries can be the basic guarantee, but there is a fire in extreme conditions, the possibility of explosion. Lithium iron phosphate as a second-generation lithium products, their physical properties and stability, coupled with the battery pack built-in overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overcharge protection, the fire does not explode, is the only absolute safety of lithium-ion battery.

As a result of high thermal stability of materials and careful process design, battery safety and reliability has increased significantly. And improper use of lithium in the explosions may occur compared to the lithium iron phosphate even thrown into the fire will not explode. High temperature stability up to 400-500 ° C, the internal battery to ensure high security; will not overcharge, overheating, short circuit, the impact on the explosion or combustion. Rigorous safety testing, even in the worst traffic accident will not explode.

Long life and low cost

As battery life (cycle performance) and total cost of ownership is closely related to ordinary lithium battery life of 500 times per cycle compared to the lithium iron phosphate at room temperature to 1500 charge-discharge cycle capacity retention rate of 95% above, while 50% of the capacity of the life cycle is reached more than 2,000 times the battery life of more than 50 continuous miles kilometers, you can use about five years, is eight times the lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries 3 times, is lithium cobalt oxide is about 4 times. Coupled with its production cost is lower than normal on its own lithium battery, no doubt can greatly reduce the use of electric cars and maintenance costs.

At the same time discharge performance of lithium iron phosphate is also very excellent, smooth power curve, and strong resistance to over-discharge, lithium batteries in general lower than 3.2V, then the discharge is put off, may result in scrap. However, in 2.8V lithium iron phosphate, there was a release of energy, lower than 2.5V scrapped problem does not exist.

Easy to use treatment

We know that the nickel-metal hydride, nickel cadmium batteries there is a strong memory effect, there are certain common lithium battery memory effect problem, need to try to "full release", the daily use of electric cars will cause inconvenience, but no lithium iron phosphate This phenomenon, self-discharge; no memory effect, no matter what state the battery can be charged with with the use, without first place finish and then charging the battery quick charge feature of the excellent, dedicated charger with fast charge, 95 half-hour can be sufficient percent. Battery life after the end of the deal with the problem, also deserves our attention, lithium iron phosphate does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, non-toxic, non-polluting, compliance, absolute green, lead acid batteries there are a lot of lead in their waste after it is handled properly, will constitute a secondary environmental pollution, and lithium iron phosphate material in terms of production and use, are non-polluting.

Overall, lithium iron phosphate as a new generation of lithium battery materials, is absolutely reliable for its safety, long cycle life, stable platform, the advantages of charging and discharging of the global battery experts strongly respected, worthy of a new generation of electric cars green Power's core products, along with its practical application in the electric bus successfully demonstrated, will gradually replace lead-acid batteries, Chengdu, in the current public use of electric bicycles has been widely used.


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